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Default Re: No Optimus support means NO Nvidia at all or no dynamic switching?

OK, when an average computer user reads about Optimus on its home page he can conclude:
that its a gpu switcher, though in front page it looks more like kind of power plan tweaker or (GPU?) clocker
that its a separate product from a GPU card
that its a hardware (only) product

That is (maybe not the best example) something like having a VCR and a TV. So, the normal expectations and behaviour when the VCR doesn't work is to still be able to watch TV, but in this case behaviour is: when VCR doesn't work the TV also doesn't work. Seems more like having a Set-top box and a TV!

Facts that (at least) nVidia's GPU depends on this technology, that is also heavy software based are crucial and must not stand in whitepapers or in forums but in front page so the potential buyers know what it is and in right way decide do they want it or not.
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