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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Do you want me to start posting links to English speaking websites that tested the image degrading ATi AF cheats and found the Germans were right? IIRC, Toms Hardware, Guru3d, and AlienBabelTech were three of them, and I saw another one in the 590 reviews.

Good stuff from ATi- shimmering mip map transitions to look at, while the user is reminded of drying his hair by the furiously spinning little fan. I thought about buying one to compare, but I was afraid my cat might get sucked into it if I inadvertently left the side of my case off.
As I reminded you before, since I guess you just took the headline and ran like a good shill, if you followed that story to its conclusion, you'd find out that the so called "AF cheats" were the result of ATI doing better filtering, the D3D specified method, as opposed to NV "cheating" and doing less. The result of the less filtering was better smearing between mip map transitions, so ATI fixed it by doing NVs lesser, non D3D spec filter.
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