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Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
As I reminded you before, since I guess you just took the headline and ran like a good shill, if you followed that story to its conclusion, you'd find out that the so called "AF cheats" were the result of ATI doing better filtering, the D3D specified method, as opposed to NV "cheating" and doing less. The result of the less filtering was better smearing between mip map transitions, so ATI fixed it by doing NVs lesser, non D3D spec filter.
A link to an ATi friendly forum doesn't sway me. The websites all tested the ATi default AF and said image quality is worse.,2806-5.html

This may or may not become a factor in your buying decision, but right now, the bottom line is that Nvidia offers better texture filtering, regardless of whether you’re one of the folks who can appreciate it.
With regards to filtering quality, the 6850 has reduced the hard transitions and dead zones compared to the 5770, but they’re still present. As for shimmering, the 6850 has a higher incidence of it on certain detailed textures during in-game movement.
It's funny how people like you post "ATi FTW! Noise! Low quality AF! No Physics! Science project 3d! You get it all with ATi!"
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