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Default Re: *Breaking News* Crysis 2 editor and CE3 SDK coming

I for one think they're starting to figure out that without the words "Call of Duty" or "Halo" on the cover of their game they're not going to sell the 7 million copies they're hoping for without some serious, SERIOUS help from PC sales (which apparently account for under 15% of sales so far).

Remove CoD and Halo from consoles and I'd be surprised if FPS games made up 5% of console sales. FPS games on a joystick are like a Ferrari with monster truck tires... so close to being really cool and yet so far away.

I'll LOL if in the end they sell less copies of C2 across all platforms then they did of C1. Who knows though... maybe they will sell another 6,750,000+ copies over the coming months.


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