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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
But there is no need for you to step in. That stepping in part is what makes you look like an nV salesman and annoys so many users here.
Instead of recognizing that some of what you call misinformation is actually a real issue or are correct and valid points, you keep hammering on the same positive arguments while completely ignoring those points and opinions.

It seems like for you this is a one way conversation while your trying to spread out your nVidia propaganda crap. Your unable to accept that some of nVidias current products are flawed. And I say current because it seems like your able to see the issues after the products were replaced by refined versions. Like with the 480 noise for example.
Could be you and others like to nitpick the cards and whatever they lack mysteriously becomes the most important issue as well.

I've posted links to some of these guys hammering away on the GTX480 noise and then not even mentioning it for the much louder 6990. (although one laughably posted a link a site I've never heard of to try and prove the opposite)

I don't really care what any of you think of me or my posting style. If you post a link to a benchmark where 1.5GB of VRAM seems to be a limit, I'll post a link to 20 where it isn't to show there are other things to consider. If you say the 6990 is no different than the 590 for noise, I'll post links to 6-7 big review sites that show this is inaccurate. If you post the 590 only wins at 1080P, I'll link to twenty benches where it wins at 25X16.

Part of the reason they give us the hardware and software in focus group is so when guys like you pull stuff out of your ass we can post our own experience and/or links to review to corroborate.

In your case, I had experience with 1.2GB SLi, 1.5GB SLi, and 2GB SLi at 57X10 so when you posted that 1.5GB wasn't enough for that res I knew you were wrong. If you would have said that about 570's 1.2GB I would have agreed with you.
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