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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Everything "could be better than what it was", the point here is that the 590 is better than the competing part in many ways.

As far someone being "right" and me being "wrong", care to post a link to that?
Never once in my post did I say you were wrong. I simply said that they were right. You're twisting my words. It is possible to have 2 right answers.

Nvidia has Physx and 3D vision. AMD has Eyefinity. Both are right. However, when you start "wrapping" or even "warping" those statements to fit your beliefs about each company, you lose credibility as you are now taking sides.

Once again, you are not necessarily wrong. I don't agree with any sort of AMD bashing that you do, though. If you have to resort to that, you've usually got an agenda that explains the underpinnings of your claims. Also, if you have to "handpick" your supporting data, is that really proving that you're right? Or is that just proving that you know how to read a graph?

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
But there is no need for you to step in. That stepping in part is what makes you look like an nV salesman and annoys so many users here.
Instead of recognizing that some of what you call misinformation is actually a real issue or are correct and valid points, you keep hammering on the same positive arguments while completely ignoring those points and opinions.

It seems like for you this is a one way conversation while your trying to spread out your nVidia propaganda crap. Your unable to accept that some of nVidias current products are flawed. And I say current because it seems like your able to see the issues after the products were replaced by refined versions. Like with the 480 noise for example.
slaWter understands what's going on. We aren't the problem here.

There's a reason I stopped posting in this thread; both the GTX 590 and HD 6990 are, IMO, failures and a disgrace to the uber high-end market. They both have terrible flaws and compromises that make them either difficult to deal with or even impossible to use. With that said, I once again take my leave from this thread.

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