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Default Needa lab rat, eh?

Algernon reporting for duty, SIR! And I didn't get any cheese for this

As per your request, UT2003 Demo:

I ignore the benchmark.exe utility because it doesn't hold detail settings constant. The utility varies it per your system. FWIW I lost 13 FPS in flyby but gained 3 FPS in botmatch to 57 in opengl over 40.71 dets. D3D performance was static.

Using STAT FPS in Deathmatch (where performance matters,) I was riding about 4-6 FPS above my averages with 40.71 dets in OpenGL. Once again, minimal increase with D3D. All detail settings were maxed out in Preferences, 1024X768 32BPP, no AA, no anisotropy.

Q3 and UT: Once again, I noticed a real performance boost in OpenGL over 40.71, about 4-6 FPS in both games. D3D performance increase was negligible.

3DMark2001SE. I went from 11,600 to 11,700 in D3D. Minimal increase.

Conclusion. These drivers improve OpenGL performance but D3D remains unchanged.

Other musings and ramblings.

This is the FIRST detonator set I've used that retained my Digital Vibrance settings upon reboot without disabling Nvidia Driver Helper Service. Visual quality still remains a tad dark but overall the images remain sharp and crisp. The AGP settings dialouge (as per the coolbits tweak) still have no effect. Perhaps that is for the NV28-NV30 chipsets.

I simply installed the drivers over top of 40.71. I was surprised I saw no decrease as the 40 series had always degraded my system performance when installing over a previous Detonator. No crashes, no lockups.

Conclusion: These are the best 40 series detonators yet. The only problem I've encountered is 3D applications are still a bit dark compared to the 29 and 30 series.

My system:

WinXP Pro
Visiontek Geforce 4 ti4600 Not overclocked
AMD XP 2100+ Stock FSB and multiplier.
MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU motherboard.
Soundblaster Audigy.
2X 256MB Crucial DDR @ CAS 2
2X 60GB Western Digital in stripe array.

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