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I ordered my first card from newegg, it worked for a bit, I didn't O/C it once. I did use a patch to make the fan 100, but never put the fan to 100%. It worked for about a month and then started artifacting during windows. I sent it back, cost me 15 bucks because EVGA make you pay for the shipping label now as I am writing this message, its messing up during firefox. It seems to be DX11 related. I bet EVGA will make me send the card back at my own cost, even though I really cannot afford to. This will be the second card. I seriously am considering never buying another EVGA product... This new card played fine the other night for BC2, and tonight it started artifacting real bad during BC2 menu, restarted fix the menu issue, then went in-game it ****ed up in-game this time. Trees were grey, and lines from the gun. Crysis 2 runs fine, again its DX9. Firefox and BC2 are fubared. Can barely seem to type this, the txt keeps flickering...
Try restoring defaults on that 780i and running everything at stock. I'd put the cause more likely on something else in your system than the two 570s were bad. The 780i board is sort of vintage, and they weren't exactly known for their longevity OCd.
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