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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

I am one of those who wholeheartedly bought a laptop (Dell XPS 15) with an NVIDIA graphics card (Geforce 540M) in it. I cannot make my NVIDIA GPU work owing to the Optimus issue in Linux. The most recent driver 270.41.06 is not working and that was a big surprise to me. I need to do GPGPU programming for scientific purposes.

What options do I have? Which of the options below should I go for?

1. Keep my computer while waiting for a software implementation to work, e.g. Linux Hybrid Graphics.

2. Buy a different brand that does not have dual graphics cards or that does but the non-NVIDIA GPU can be turned off in the BIOS. Can anyone recommend a computer with Geforce 400M or 500M? Where can I find those?

3. Buy a computer with an AMD GPU and switch to OpenCL entirely.

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