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Default Re: iPhones Are Secretly Tracking You!

Originally Posted by Shamrock View Post
I guess you didn't read the link to the thread about the explanation?

Other phone manufacturers DO indeed have this cell triangulation, but they just let it sit dormant until a court order is provided for tracking (Magus even said that in that thread). Apple's is active, and it can be passed from device to device, via a wifi hotspot. What Apple is gathering info for, is what people are riled up about.
I know triangulation is possible (albeit not terribly accurate) and GPS can be turned off.

But what bothers me is what you said is bothering others. Why are they recording the data? I guess I could understand using the info for tower updates. For example, my phone would know that I spend the majority of my time in Boston, and therefore update the towers such that it knows every tower in Boston and surrounding areas, and the rest of the country loosely.

But then delete the data after the update. And at least store it in a protected or encrypted file heh.
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