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Default Re: iPhones Are Secretly Tracking You!

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
Apple haters, shut the f*ck up....

Android phones do it as well...
LOL you obviously didn't read your own link.

The file is only accessible on devices that have been rooted and opened up to installation of unsigned apps. This is similar to the way that the iPhone used to store the data before it was made available to developers using the iPhone’s background API for location sharing.

Now however, the iPhone data is exposed to casual access using an application called iPhone Location Tracker that is similar in intent to the app that Eriksson has created for Android phones.
So it's available to access on all iPhones, but only apps with root access can get to it on Android (which you have to root the device and accept root permissions for the app). Good comparison.

iOS is a POS. In Apple's defense, it does appear to be intended for use the same way Android does it.

Due to the strong evidence that this behavior is extremely similar between the Android and iOS operating systems, it’s likely that the inclusion of months worth of this data is an oversight or error on Apple’s part and not intentional. Instead it’s likely that the Apple system was originally intended to behave the way that Google’s system does.
Just they obviously made a mistake with permissions. Plus, I believe all apps that access this file on Android notify you when you install the App (as it notifies you of the app permissions).
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