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Default Re: Random system freezes since upgrading to KDE 4.6.2.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything that I could try?

My system is still crashing and I still am unable to grab a kernel dump. I am attaching another bug report, but this was also made by root after the reboot following a crash.

Today's crash occurred while using TWM, with Opera, and a single xterm running. I was playing videos with mplayer. These are videos that I have taken with my camera and are HD. I was able to play about 10 - 15 back without problems before the crash. The video that I was playing when the system crashed played fine after rebooting.

One thing that I have noticed is that with all the crashes that I have had, while using Opera, Firefox, or mplayer; they all seem to occur just as the graphics system gets involved. What I mean is that the video buffers completely in mplayer, but at the moment that it is going to display on the screen it crashes. With Opera and Firefox, the webpage that I was viewing partially displayed, but it failed when it was about to display a picture. No dumps to confirm this.

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