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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Sure, it works for single card setups if you don't use other PCI/PCIe cards close to the GFX card. Even a soundcard will mess up the temps with my Palits. It's just a bad design. I really prefer the exhaust design used on the reference cards. I was never a fan of custom/aftermarket coolers.
It's surprising you don't water cool your video cards. I use a Corsair H70 on my 990X, pulls air from outside the case to cool the CPU, which doesn't help the graphics cards, but a case with good airflow does.
For you and the Palits, I would think you want a Sliverstone Raven, so the heat would rise off the cards to the top of the case, rather than off the cards into the next card.

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
And also not smart in Palit's case. Who needs 3GB? nV Surround Users - so SLI (sometimes Tri-SLI) is a must.
Here's why I keep refuting you when you say this:

1. I've been using 57X10 nV Surround every day with 1.5GB VRAM per card, and I've never once thought to myself "Curses! if only I had 2GB per card!" Actually I have two 2GB GTX560s that I use in my 25X16 rig, because I prefer using the 1.5GB 480s or 590 in my 57X10 rig.

2. You make a blanket statement like this, you totally omit the fact that there are NV Surround users with 50X10 rigs that likely never come close to the 1.5 VRAM.

3. I don't doubt there are isolated instances where a person could exceed the 1.5GB on the 590 with a game. However, you could say this about 2GB per card on some settings and games as well, so your argument boils down to "I can find a few games and a few settings where the VRAM usage falls between 1.5 and 2GB". To me, that doesn't outweigh the far higher noise, lack of PhysX, and lack of 3D Vision on the alternative 6990s.

4. Your opinion on the subject seems colored by your use of the super rare 76X16 resolution that 2GB isn't enough for either.

I guess a "perfect card" would be a 590 with 3GB of VRAM and it's own water setup like the old Gainward CoolFXs, but cards have to be manufactured to hit price/profit margins so they manufactured from a business perspective of "What will serve the most users best most of the time" perspective. Not from a "We must create a card where no possible flaw can be found". Such a card does not exist, and it never will.

BTW- I used 2GB instead of the 3GB you mentioned because there are no competing 3GB cards.
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