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Default Is there a list of Sandy Bridge laptops where nvidia cards actually work in Linux?

All Sandy Bridge CPUs come with an internal GPU and it has therefore become almost impossible to buy a performance laptop *without* optimus. Even if you are prepared to pay money for a card you can't use, there may be other disadvantages, such as not being able to use HDMI because it is attached to the nvidia card instead of the Intel GPU.

Given that nvidia does not support optimus in Linux and apparently never will, it would be very useful to have a list of laptops with nvidia cards which either don't have optimus or where optimus can be turned off completely so Linux can use the card. I don't mean where the nvidia card can be turned off so it doesn't drain power, but where the Intel GPU can be turned off so the nvidia card is used as the sole graphics processor.

Does nvidia (or anyone else) maintain such a list?
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