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Default Re: What Game Are You Currently Playing?

When I get a new game, I tend to play slowly, because usually I just spent $60 and games are so short these days. I try to make them last, especially when they don't have multiplayer. I tend to get 1/4-1/2 through the game at first and then I slow down, take a few days off and then pick it up again.

I'm playing Crysis 2 still. I'm near the end and I know it's going to be over soon. I love this game! I am also playing Portal 2, I'm on Chapter 8, board 15/19 right now. I think that is near the end as well. Fantastic game....

I finished DA2 a few weeks ago, so I'm keeping an eye out for any new DLC's. I thought about the FO:NV DLC that came out at Christmas. We'll see.

Since this looks like another Mass Effect year, I'll probably finish that up as I am almost done with that and stopped playing for some reason.
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