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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

Originally Posted by DanielSBuus View Post
That's good news! I'm actually looking at getting the T420s - I'll have to find out if that one's also available with this option.
Good luck! I hope that you will find your holy grail.

Originally Posted by DanielSBuus View Post
Do remember that old i7 Q does not necessarily equal no optimus
I hope that my current preference shows that you are wrong: Strangely enough, there is no Optimus ad anywhere wherever I find this model. That must mean that there is no Optimus even though I cannot prove it technically - yet.

In truth, I would rather like the Asus N53SV ( But I do not want to spend too much time trying out alpha drivers. I am not that kind of a computer scientist.

When do you people think that Optimus can be tamed somewhat reliably? There might be an option to use only Intel or only NVIDIA, even if you have to reboot. That would suffice to me.

May the force be with all of those testing alpha drivers.
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