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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

Check #60 here:

It says: "There was no BIOS business here.
I installed the latest nvidia dev drivers, but did not allow it to modify xorg.conf file.
This basically will load the required nvidia modules for you.

Post that install CUDA 3.0 Toolkit + GPU Computing SDK code samples based on the instructions and compile the sample code.
I have tried cuda 3.0 on Ubuntu 10.10 on my Sager 5130 which has 425M + Intel HD
So basically you can use your GPU with CUDA for comuting based tasks.
Opengl based applications do not work, as 425m is not being used as the Display Card.
The reason is your LCD is connected to iGPU and not dGPU."

Has anyone tried that? I am gonna try it tonight. I am interested in computation, not graphics. That is why I have an NVIDIA graphics card.

If I do this, then my Dell XPS15 may work. That would mean: no obligation and fuss to get a new computer.

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