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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

Originally Posted by Alfie7777 View Post
Good luck! I hope that you will find your holy grail.
Thanks! Though, if not, my other preference was the upcoming Asus U36SD, and since it's Asuses that this other dude hacked, that might be a good option, too.

Originally Posted by Alfie7777 View Post
I hope that my current preference shows that you are wrong:
What I mean is that lack of an in-cpu gpu such as Sandy Bridge has doesn't necessarily mean no Optimus - Optimuses before Sandy Bridge just switched between the Intel chipset gpu and the nvidia one, so one has to be extra careful when chosing

Originally Posted by Alfie7777 View Post
When do you people think that Optimus can be tamed somewhat reliably? There might be an option to use only Intel or only NVIDIA, even if you have to reboot. That would suffice to me.
Given that the open source version of the nvidia drivers were dropped, things aren't looking up unless nvidia get their act together and start delivering
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