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Default Re: I bought a new phone today...

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
1) there is no amazon mp3 app on the phone
2) all apps that come with the phone can be removed with zero issues.
I never said any of this wasn't true, just that I don't know why motorola wants to lock the bootloader whereas companies like samsung don't care what you do with it.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
3) custom rom (minus the kernel) can be flashed to the phone
Without being able to modify the kernel there aren't a whole lot of interesting things you can do. For example without modifying the kernel you'll never see a port of cyanogen which IMO is the best android distribution there is. Or if you're into MIUI you'll never see that either.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
4) kernel will be unlocked in due time, just like droid x (had a locked bootloader before)
There are no guarantees of that. I've been involved in the development scene of many different systems over the years that ended up seeing revisions of hardware whereby modifications were never made even years after release, or if not that, physical hardware modification was necessary which most people aren't able to perform.

The best example of this is the tivo scene. The series 2 units came with digital signature checking on the kernel which prevented modification. However a kernel exploit was found so that we could prevent the kernel from performing a signature check on the binaries it executed.

Such a kernel exploit was never found for the series 3 units, so modification required us to physically de-solder surface mount components, reprogram the prom, and install a socket.

The series 4 units now have a CPU that performs a signature check on the prom, so reprogramming it is useless, and given that there are no known kernel exploits, it's gg. It may be possible to work out a solution that would involve replacing the CPU, but that would be so costly that nobody would want to bother with it, hence modification became impractical.

So the "it's only a matter of time" or the "if man can make it, man can break it" philosophy doesn't always work. There are a few phones out there that haven't yet seen any progress, take a look at the Incredible S or the Desire S.
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