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Default Re: Lenovo W520 > NVIDIA 2000M > External Monitor = Problems

Originally Posted by cheechr1 View Post
Youve got optimus in your laptop :-(. It is likely your Nvidia graphics will never work in linux because of this. If you're lucky you will have a BIOS option to use the Nvidia graphics.
Good Luck.
Thank you for your response however the BIOS does allow me to override the Optimus feature and hard set the video chip to either Discrete (NVIDIA as I understand it), Integrated (Intel GMA HD 3000 as I understand it) or both (Optimus as I understand it.) I have the Discrete setting working with the notebook display and I've tried the Integrated (which works but only at a resolution of 1280x1024 on both the notebook and external display.... a 24" display ugh.)

Anyone else?
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