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Default Re: Lenovo W520 > NVIDIA 2000M > External Monitor = Problems

Originally Posted by cheechr1 View Post
How is your external display connected? Many laptops have the function key to switch between the laptop screen and the external VGA monitor. If it's an HDMI connection, it will depend on how that is connected in the laptop. It is possible I suppose that your external display is run through the optimus somehow, making it unusable if GPU switching is disabled. I hope this is not the case.

Again what type of connection are you using to your external display?
It's attached to the VGA port of the docking station that my notebook is docked it. The external display is fine until X starts then I lose it. If I load to run level 3 I'm fine. I've tried leaving the lid of my notebook open and playing with the display toggle function key but it doesn't seem to do anything.

My understanding, which is novice at best, is that optimus is a feature that allows for switching between the NVIDIA (Discrete) and Intel (Integrated) video chips to optimize performance (NVIDIA) when needed and battery (Intel) when performance is not needed. Given that, I can't think of a way for a display to override the BIOS setting which is hard setting to the chip being used. That said, I could be wrong.

Thank you for your response.
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