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Default Re: X fails to start when configured to use Nvidia drivers

Originally Posted by ajchace View Post
To install 195.36.15, I followed the instructions in the comments attached to Opensolaris BugID #12196; here's a link.

They're almost exactly the same as the instructions you provided. In step #11, I did a "shutdown -i5 -g0 -y" (shutdown to power off) instead of a "reboot -p".

I filed BugID 15751 at for the same problem; here's a link.

An Oracle employee stated that this is known problem and is being tracked under Nvidia IR 614102. It's not clear if this is hardware or software problem.
If I remember correctly I read a short press release from Oracle stating that the issue was an internal hardware issue and that the current workaround (at the time) involved the instructions consisting of the shutdown. I would imagine that since they got it figured out they have worked up a patch or two?
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