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Default Re: Performance problems with nvidia 8600 GT 512 Mb ram DDR2

That master thread is interesting. I am wondering if there any reports of issues in Chrome that are similar to the ones FF is producing? The reason I ask is simply to investigate what kind of changes in programming can be implemented to workaround faulty drivers/cards. The first thing I am going to do in testing is set up a solid vCloud Datacenter so that I keep all my important information in the cloud and try to operate from an external viewpoint. It makes tasks like these a lot less risky.

Also, I really wanted to point out the crazy effects I have seen video cards have on audio conversions. For example, I was using a popular YouTube to MP3 converter and because the video card was unable to process the video, the audio conversion was compromised. I can imagine that being really frustrating if you are a basic user.

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