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Default Re: Whats up with PSN?

When OtherOS was still there, most were only hacking to access the RX chip which Sony decided they didn't want anyone but game devs using. Once people started dumping the HV and other stuff through Linux, they were progressing to get access to it. Then Sony said no more OtherOS on new slims, most of the hackers all of a sudden got a new problem to solve, why can there be no OtherOS on slims? That is where the failed overflow team started working on getting lower level access to put it back in themselves and instead broke through most of the PS3's security. If Sony just left OtherOS alone the PS3 would probably have remained uncracked. Remember Pirates are generally idiots wanting to get something for nothing. The most they want to do is follow a guide on how to get in so they can play their pirated games. They generally don't have the technical expertise to hack the hardware, they need the hackers to do that for them so they can modify the hacker's work for their own use. If Sony just spent a bit of money on securing OtherOS a bit more and just left it on all their systems none of the hackers would have tried to break the security of the PS3. Their only worry would have been the Jailbreak thing, which was easy to plug.

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