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Default Re: Like iPhones, Microsoft phones secretly track you too

Originally Posted by Socio View Post
Like iPhones, Microsfot phones secretly track you too

Microsoft collects locations of Windows phone users

Starting to wonder if these tracking features are not something "big brother" mandated.
They aren't, they go back to what I said in the thread regarding iPhones. It's mostly for tower locations and a general guide to the most recent location so the phone can do things like get weather or stupid things like that which are location dependent.

Now the MS one seems to be more invasive than the others. Since it sends info to MS all the time about location and WiFi networks and what not. That seems completely unnecessary and I question their motives.

I don't care if my phone tracks me, as long as the file is secure, and the data is not sent to Apple/Microsoft/Google or anyone else.
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