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Default Re: Whats up with PSN?

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Yes I do. Why would he have been working on hacking the system before they started removing the functionality. The only reason they removed OtherOS was because people like him started dumping the HyperVisor and other aspects of the PS3's security.
i don't have a problem with people "hacking" their PS3 and other devices, its their device, what they do with it that is another story.

there are little scum bag kids(i'm sure you know who i'm talking about) on this and other forums that hack 360 to play pirates games, that I do have a problem with.

But then again thanks to hacked xbox (original), we have xbmc (and bunch of other programs that were made cloned from it, like boxee, mediaportal, plex and bunch of others) If xbox was never "hacked" those programs might have not appeared or much much later.

and then from customer point of view, ps3 was sold/advertised with otheros and backwards compatibility, removing those things later is also not fair to the customers.
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