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Default Re: Whats up with PSN?

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
He didn't release anything until sony sued him. They could have prevented it by not suing him. They could have prevented it by buying him off to work for them. They didn't because they are sony. Hell, it wasn't even MS's console, and they said they would hire him for a security consultant.

Thats completely differnet. He didn't steal anything. All he did was play around with hardware that he already owned. No stealing occured.

You forgot morons like yourself brah! Fact is, Sony handled it bad, and now they are paying for it dearly. Lesson, don't be an arrogant a-hole company with people who can cause you major problems.
First off you need to learn your facts. Geohotz released the key long before Sony sued him. In fact, it's the entire reason they sued him. Don't argue points you obviously don't know the facts about.

And while he may have not stolen anything, the people using what he released to hack the PSN over the last week have. They are criminals, plain and simple.

Justify if all you want, but being an "arrogant a-hole" company doesn't justify stealing from them. A crime was commited and it wasn't by Sony.

Maybe one day when you grow up you will understand who the criminals were in this case, and who was a business trying to protect their assets...brah!
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