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Default GT220 & Xorg delay at startup

Using latest drivers 270.41.06 (and previous ones from 270.x) the time it takes to startup Xorg 1.10 (and previous versions back to 1.7) is almost 7 full seconds (with no disk activity). This does not happen with other nvidia cards, as I tested it with my laptop which has a Geforce Go 7400 and Xorg (same driver and xorg versions) starts up in just 1 second.

Xorg.log produces no errors at all and it just shows a delay of 5 seconds in the point where the nvidia driver probes and initializes the GPU. This same point, in my laptop takes atmost 0.5 seconds only. I have tried almost all of the nvidia driver options in X Config and none seem to mitigate the delay.

Steps to reproduce:

1. First remove the nvidia kernel module
$ rmmod nvidia
2. Then start Xorg
$ Xorg -pogo
System details
OS: Arch Linux x64 2.6.38-ARCH, Xorg v1.10, Nvidia drivers v270.41.06
CPU: Core 2 duo E6400
GPU: Nvidia GT220
MB: Asus P5Q
How much time does your system takes to startup xorg (Use Xorg -pogo to do the benchmark)? Is this problem known and is there a solution?
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