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Post redhat 8 nforce network success

Since I've noticed some distress about the 7.3 redhat nforce network driver, here's the method I used to get it working with redhat 8.

The tar.gz compiles fine, but the kernel won't accept the nvnet modules because part of it (the nvidia supplied object file) was compiled with the older 2.96 gcc. This can be overridden by passing the -f switch to insmod, which forces loading of the module (and produces several warnings, though I've had no stability or usability problems in the severals days I've been running it). So until nvidia releases new drivers, hopefully this will work.

The following steps are kludgy, owing to my lack of serious linux experience; I'd love to hear about better ways of doing this.

The readme for the tarball notes that several changes are necessary to modules.conf, but my failed installation of the 7.3 rpm made these changes itself, so I apologize if something important is missing.

After 'make install',
insmod -f nvnet
Now set up the network device--one way of doing this is to reboot the system and let redhat take care of detection. Note that after the bootup procedure detects the card, initialization will still fail because the bootup script isn't -forcing the module to load. After rebooting,
insmod -f nvnet
/etc/init.d/network restart

For now the last two steps need to be done every time after boot--what would be the appropriate way to force the boot scripts to force the module load?

Hope this helps someone!
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