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Default Re: Battlefield 3 System Requirements...

Originally Posted by Pennyboy View Post
One thing I do want to upgrade is my storage, I want to get a solid state drive. I have a mate who has one and even though his PC is lower spec'd than mine it feels snappier!! I was amazed at how quick it made his system. I am wanting a 240gb SSD but I can only afford a 120gb model, so I am waiting for the prices of the 240gb SSD's to drop in price. Oh tax time, yeah in NZ the tax system is slighty different and well I never get money back if I do its not much. Maybe you could throw a system on your credit card? thats what i did and paid the card back before the interest kicked in.
Yeah, an SSD would definitely speed up load times, but if you need to save money, it'd be fine without it. The gameplay would be exactly the same as a normal HD.....just saying. That said, if I had the money, I'd buy an SSD too! Someday, but not today.

I'd love to put one on a CC, but I screwed up with credit cards! My wife won't allow up to have any CC, save a debit Visa card. I'll have to do things the old fashioned way....sigh. SOK, now days I keep a system 4 or 5 years and every two years or so I upgrade the video card....keeps it fresh. Back when we had more money, I'd upgrade every year, but honestly, I'm glad I don't do that anymore. I'd never see any difference in performance from one upgrade to the I'll see a difference......makes the upgrade that much more sweeter!
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