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Default 8600m GT with linux trouble

I've searched but didn't found a thread about that problem.
There are a trouble with geforce drivers and 8600m GT card on linux. I've suffered from this bug with ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04. Now I have to use 10.04 Ubuntu on my laptop(Acer aspire 5920g with 8600m GT).
When I install geforce driver on my laptop it just starts with black screen and nothing could be done with it.
New drivers don't work with new linux kernel 2.6.35.
Here are some bug-reports from ubuntu users who suffers same problem as mine: << affects 8 people << affects 15 people << affects 2 people << affects 2 people
There ale a lot more people who have this bug and thing is not only with ubuntu.
P.S.: sorry for my English, I'm from not English speaking country.
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