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Default Re: Whats up with PSN?

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
Its easier for the hackers to hide and do their work against sony than the other way around so who should worry more?
Let's see, huge corporation with nearly unlimited funds and legal support, or broke ass hacker sitting in his living room cracking a console?...I think the hackers should worry more. There is a reason why even groups that have hacked the PSN before are backing away from this mess. This wasn't some harmless act and whoever gets caught (if they get caught) is going away for a long time.

Once upon a time, pirates had this untouchable attitude, and then quite a few of them got sent to jail for a few years and the rest of them went running scared. You couldn't tell that now due to the publishers backing off, but for a quite a while the pirate scene was a ghost town. This **** is all fun and games to these guys until they lose their freedom. The first person that get's linked to this thing will be made an example of and I highly doubt you see anyone trying anything like this any time soon.
Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
its not sad, what is sad is trying to play every game out there. there are better things to do then play games
Like rack up 25k posts on Nvnews? Why diss gamers on a gaming forum? Four games are hardly "every game out there".

He's right, if you limit yourself to one platform you miss out on a ton of great games.
Originally Posted by jkmetal View Post
Imagine if this happened to steam... How would you feel then?
I hate Steam and I'd feel the exact same way. I'd feel the same way if this were Microsoft, EA, Activision, or my bank instead of Sony.

Who it happened to is irrelevant. How people feel they treat customers is irrelevant. A crime is a crime and I'd want these morons tossed in jail regardless of who they hacked.
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