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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Any dual socket Xeon will be clocked a lot lower than single socket counterparts, so you are right; having a 8-core Xeon is not good enough and will be terribly overpriced as a desktop solution considering the single socket performance.

Latest roadmap IIRC:

If the above is true, then we'll be waiting until 2H 2012 for the high end Ivy Bridge chips to bring 8 cores to EE.
imo this is kinda' good news, at least for me.

I was really hoping to be able to save enough this year to buy my truck (cash) and have some left over to upgrade my rig. Not looking so likely now.

So this will give me the luxury of forgoing any upgrade to my rig this year, and just devoting all my funds to the truck. Next year, when the proper high end stuff is out, I'll make my upgrade then. Should be quite the substantial jump in performance as well as pretty awesome new feature. Not only that, DDR3 RAM will likely be much cheaper so it'll be easier for me to purchase as much as I'm hoping to.
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