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Default Re: Battlefield 3 System Requirements...

Originally Posted by Pennyboy View Post
Thats true, its just load times but its awesome having a system that starts so quickly and load apps super fast etc but yeah I am not going to pay $900 odd for a 240gb drive. I am happy to wait a year or two and hope by then they drop in price. Bummer about not having the credit card option but I understand, Credit cards are not for everyone. I can see how people get themselves into trouble with them (not implying you did BTW). Yeah I am the same as you I upgrade every few years now, I can't afford to do it every year. I was running an E8400, 680i, GTX 280 based system before I upgraded to my 2600k with 580GTX.
Well your rig is certainly fast enough to play BF 3 easily. I don't care what anyone says. If it will play the 'pre-alpha' version just fine, like in Faultline, then it's gonna play the final version just fine. Not only that but it should run it even better in the final version! That's a good upgrade coming from what you had. It's similar to what I have now to what I'll be upgrading too. I'm allowed a $1,000 budget. I find I can upgrade to pretty much what I want to with that. The only I'd like to get that I can't is a GTX 680. I'll have to settle for the 670, but that's will be more than enough for BF3 or any other game for that matter!
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