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Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
I tried this last night and I think it looks really cool if you're standing still but anything past like 5 or 10 feet away from you seems to have this nasty film grain look. There's no level of detail for the textures depending on your distance from them. it needs something like that IMO to look right.

stuff up close though looks insane.
The biggest problem they have is that there is too much detail in each texture. They need to use the extra pixels to smooth the image out, not add more detail.

I'm using a texture pack called Claycraft. It's literally pictures of clay that someone hand designed. This is a 128 x 128 texture pack and is very smooth.

It can still benefit from AA because of how the textures are placed on the map. I think I did see an improvement when I turned on MLAA.
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