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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Hence why i made the jump to the EVGA SR-2 and 2 Xeon X5650's now running at 4 Ghz even(12 cores and 24 threads), with 6 memory channels between both sockets, using corsair dominator GT DDR 3 2000 memory, and full numa support and Quad crossfire/Quad SLI support using 4 video cards ....It just won't get much better than this for the forseable future....It's expensive and uses a custom form factor(HPTX), but it's the sledgehammer aproach basically...

I'm good for years until platforms come out that are at least 50% faster than this thing, so the only thing i can imagine upgrading are the video cards, as we have the 28nm generation to look forward too in 6 months or so, and i'm expecting GPU's twice as fast as the current ones, so it's a performance increase that's hard to ignore...
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