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Originally posted by Morrow
hey, and what about all the good games which came out this year?

Everyone is talking about how bad 2003 is as a gaming year and forgetting to mention games like Prince Of Persia, XIII, Call Of Duty, Max Payne 2, Worms 3D, Silent Hill 3, Broken Sword 3, Tron 2.0, FS 2004, GTA III Vice City, Vietcong, Splinter Cell and many others which I current can't remember.
/Complaining MODE on

None of these games are major hit , hyped and hoped to be very awesome

Prince Of Persia - just came out , its ok arcade like game nothing more.
XIII - this one is nice , cell shaded game *kudos*
Call Of Duty - is ok to but doesn't use any awesome shader effects or anything revolutionary , decent game thats all.
Max Payne 2 - was excpected to be good sequel but its so short and there isn't much of replay value playd it few times and now its collecting dust .
Worms 3D -
Silent Hill 3 - resident evil clone , but its ok we all like scary games
-Broken Sword 3 - don't know this one....
Tron 2.0 - movie made to gameing market not bad no major bugs , decent start but nothing special realy.
-FS 2004 - don't play sports game so ccan't comment.
GTA III Vice City - well its GTA in 3D , but thats all sure is fun but nothing special to..
Vietcong - same as Call of Duty or so i think.
Splinter Cell - would be best of all of the above with nicer graphics and shadows but it was released when ? at end of 2003 now its almoust 2004 ,so its not a new release....

and we back to square one ,big expectations of revolutionary sequels with top of the line graphic engines and yet we have none, only big dissapointments so far .

Forgot to add Halo everyone hoped it to be so much better on PC then Xbox , and its only a mere port to begin with offcourse people who never playd Xbox version had fun even if its simple port , i had some fun to but , thats all........
Deus Ex 2 - Horrible Horribly bad , crappy game so angry i am , no localized damage can't kill with head shot , terrible AI , runs worse then Halo doesn't look any better either ,unifed ammo not realistic weapons ,flame thrower is a paint ball gun .
HalfLife 2 - delays delays more delays (witch is good if they gonna fix all the problems hopefully ).... annoying steam , and we have to pay to play multiplayer ???
Doom III - don't have bad things to say at the moment hopefully it will go retail without problems.

These were my thoughts if anyone have other impressions of games mentioned above , feel free to express your opinion

/Complaining MODE off
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