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When I first got my Gigabyte GTX570 it didn't want to boot, but I fixed that part by installing a Corsair HX850 PSU. It worked fine for about a month, but then it started some anomalies in Crysis 2. Spikes coming off weapons and stairways. I checked GPU temp and found it to be running over 90c in Crysis 2. Installed MSI Afterburner and set fan speed minimum to 70% and put it on auto with increasing fan speed as temp goes higher. Now it is working fine.

I have good air flow through my case and in reality I shouldn't have to use a 3rd party program to make a stock video card run correctly.

I wouldn't say that the 570 is the worst card ever, because I remember problems with the 5800's and my 4600ti had terrible artifacting until I adjusted the aperature settings in the bios.
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