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Originally posted by -=DVS=-
/Complaining MODE on

None of these games are major hit , hyped and hoped to be very awesome

Prince Of Persia - just came out , its ok arcade like game nothing more.
XIII - this one is nice , cell shaded game *kudos*
Call Of Duty - is ok to but doesn't use any awesome shader effects or anything revolutionary , decent game thats all.
Max Payne 2 - was excpected to be good sequel but its so short and there isn't much of replay value playd it few times and now its collecting dust .
Worms 3D -
Silent Hill 3 - resident evil clone , but its ok we all like scary games
-Broken Sword 3 - don't know this one....
Tron 2.0 - movie made to gameing market not bad no major bugs , decent start but nothing special realy.
-FS 2004 - don't play sports game so ccan't comment.
GTA III Vice City - well its GTA in 3D , but thats all sure is fun but nothing special to..
Vietcong - same as Call of Duty or so i think.
Splinter Cell - would be best of all of the above with nicer graphics and shadows but it was released when ? at end of 2003 now its almoust 2004 ,so its not a new release....
After reading your comment I unfortunately must say that you don't seem to be very well informed on any of those games.

I can garantee you that GTA III Vice City, Call Of Duty and FS2004 were sold more often that you can possibly imagine. These are definitely some of the major hits of 2003.

Prince Of Persia gets great reviews all over the place, it's a real fun game with a polished gameplay and wonderfull graphics.

Concerning Silent Hill 3, I give you the advice that you should never call SH3 a Resident Evil clone when standing face to face to a SH fan. You might receive a punch or two Seriously, comparing SH to RE is like comparing the Lord of the rings trilogy to the three year old Dungeons & Dragons movie. Don't make that mistake, the difference is night and day.

Max Payne 2 was indeed too short but that doesn't make it a worse game. Considering MP2's immersion and gaming experience alone, you certainly have one of the best game of 2003 in front of you and it also sells very well.

Last point is about calling FS2004 a sport game is... hm, are you really sure what game FS2004 really is? Just to point out as a history fact, the complete FS series have sold more than any other game to date... even considering that the FS series are not really games but rather professional simulations.
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