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Originally posted by -=DVS=-

-Broken Sword 3 - don't know this one....

Shame on you Seriously, you should give it a try although you will understand it more if you play 1 & 2 before touching it. I did the same thing with Max Payne 2 and it really made it a more complete experience remembering names and things from MP1. Now Deus Ex II is next to it collecting dust as well And both XIII and POP4 were very very good IMO. I almost completely agree with you on most things although i can't see 2004 being a better year either. Watch this:

Thief III (Warren, get your hands off that one please )
Doom 3
Splinter Cell 2
Sillent Hill 4
Sam and Max 2
GTA 5 (4 if you wish)

If you look at it, its the year of the sequels again. I mean the year of the hyped games. Personally, i had a better time this year playing Thief 1 & 2 FM's, NOLF FM's, and all those games that no one hyped them and reached the stores silently (Arx Fatalis, Nosferatu, The black mirror, In memoriam) than most of the hyped ones that promised a lot and failed. Can't see next year changing that much.

Originally posted by Morrow
Prince Of Persia gets great reviews all over the place, it's a real fun game with a polished gameplay and wonderfull graphics.
Objection That doens't mean its 100% awesome. I like POP4 but almost all Deus Ex 2 reviews are raving about a game that has problematic graphics and the last thing that the PC version has is a polished gameplay. Reviews can be as enthusiastic as they want.

Originally posted by Morrow
Max Payne 2 was indeed too short but that doesn't make it a worse game. Considering MP2's immersion and gaming experience alone, you certainly have one of the best game of 2003 in front of you and it also sells very well.
Ojection again I'm afraid it is (Jackup sit down ). Whether we like it or not, MP2 is one of the major titles with big sales and a small influence on the gaming industry's direction as well. The fact is that games like it (ie very short/shorter than the original) tend to show the rest the future lead: Doom 3 will be shorter than the previous, Thief III has so far at least 10 levels confirmed, less than the original and judging by IW small too (Warren: they are not smaller, they are just streamlined).

HL2 is said to last just as the original. If that proves true, i will appreciate enormously Valve. Until then, major sellers like MP2 are sweeter, smaller, with a few more replay options, in short, half the experience, yet it still wants 50 bucks, not half. Don't know about you, but i prefer a disgustingly long game that's worth its money than a small, pretty good game that took 2-3 years to complete, comes into a cheap box with the ****ing manual in a print-it-yourself-son .pdf file (i'm talking generally here not MP2) and offers you the chance (thank you very much) to replay 10 times the same stuff with tweaked difficulty. Max Payne 2 is one more example that shows the future games. If it has huge success now, it's not really a great thing. Flame me if you want for that, but i see it as a great game/negative contributor to gaming experience nonetheless
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