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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

In any case,i don't see what the fuss is with SATA 3.0 since it's top speed is 600MB/sec and there are SSD drives right now able to hit 500MB/sec in sustained reads/writes, so SATA 3.0 isn't that far away from being maxed out as it is with current SSD drives...

If the X79 with native SATA 3.0 support only shows up late this year, the odds are pretty good that there will be SSD's on the market by then or shortly after, that are actually able to exceed 600MB/sec in sustained reads/writes, so SATA 3.0 isn't fast enough anymore for those drives to perform at their best, and the only thing that would be fast enough uses the PCI-e interface directly like OCZ does in their revolution and revolution X2 lineup, wich are SSD's mounted on a PCB using 2~4 controlers in raid 0 and plugged into a pci-e slot....
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