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Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Did you get someone else to put in the 4th one and that worked fine?

Or was it just "Willkers! I read some guy online overvolted the CPU and RAM 30% to get a big OC, so I tried motherboards till I found one that worked like that!"?

I've cycled through more hardware than most people ever will. I've never gotten a defective part of any type.

On the other hand I don't usually OC anything, and when I do, it 's always very small, stock volt OCs.

I used to work in a box shop, we didn't see many actually defective parts out of the box, we never saw two.

So when I see a post like this I think "this guy had a problem he didn't realize with something shorting out" or that you're one of the "voltage specs are only there for people who aren't true computer engineers like me" crowd.
Great post.
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