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Default Re: Battlefield 3 System Requirements...

Originally Posted by Pennyboy View Post
Yeah i'm sure it will run great on my PC but if not I am def prepared to purchase another 580GTX or if the 680GTX is out then I will shoot for that. One thing I noticed when watching the 12min video was it micro stuttered or micro paused at certain points throughout the video, I hope that get that sorted before the game is released. Also one thing I am also worried about is the bugs, geez BF2 had some nasty ones and I remember one patch totatlly broke the game would kick everyone off and it was totally unplayable (v1.2) I think was the patch. Also BF BC2 wasn't plain sailing either from the get go
Yeah, don't worry about it. They'll probably have that fixed by the time it goes into beta. Yeah, that's one thing about EA and Battlefield games....they usually have their fair share of bugs. The bug that pissed me off the most was the one (can't remember the version number) in BFBC2. I think it was the patch before the one we have now. Anyway, it would make the game nearly unplayable with lag. I mean it was like you were playing with something barely faster than dial-up! I don't know what they did and when they fixed it. It was like that at least for 2 to 3 weeks. I quit playing it was so bad. So, when they did fix it, there was one thing that still remains today....the latency. Before the bad patch, I'd have a latency of around 30 or 40 and now it's like 150 to 200?! It doesn't seem to matter as it's smooth again but something weird happened that I never learned what it was

Aside from the bugs, I also hope the game is balanced correctly. I loved BF2, but I hated two things.....mortor strikes and jets! The jets were spammed like crazy and you respawn and be alive for 10 seconds maybe and be killed again from either morter strikes or jets......especially jets! BF2142 fixed the balancing issue and I now many people didn't like it. I think 2142 played better than BF2 because of that but I like BF2 slightly better.

I think BFBC2 is perfectly balanced and I hope BF3 played similar to that. I also think the expansion Vietnam pack for BFBC2 plays better than BC2. I don't know what it is....maybe it's the close quarters but I like how Vietnam plays more than BC2. Maybe it's my imagination but it seems like their is less kickback on the guns vs BC2. That's especially ironic because of the lack of scoped weapons (save sniper rifles). Anyway, I just hope BF3 is bug free and balanced out of the box. I think it will be balanced this time.....just have to worry about the bugs.
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