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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
This is a random example:

There are 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes available. The higher bandwidth allows for example for the following distribution without sacraficing bandwidth on any of the components:

-8 lanes for the GFX card (= x16 PCIe 2.x)
-4 lanes for a high performance PCIe SSD (= x8 PCIe 2.x)
-4 lanes for a higher end hardware RAID controller for storage (= x8 PCIe 2.x).

Like you mentioned before, x8 PCIe 2.x is enough for current GFX cards so those 8 lanes could be further divided for SLI.

That would result in an SLI system with a highend PCIe SSD for high bandwidth tasks and a great HW RAID storage solution. If the chipset/southbridge also provides a few PCIe 2.x lanes you can connect the onboard NIC and/or other external interfaces to that.
With good cooling and a smart PCIe layout, this stuff is possible on a standard ATX board.

This is my board:

As you can see, it has no less than 7 PCI-e X16 mechanical slots, wich 4 are X16 electrical slots and 3 are X8 electrical slots and once the video cards are water cooled, i can do a 4 way SLI or crossfire setup with 4 cards if i was crazy enough, and still have 3 slots open wich would handle a PCI-e sound card, a full on SSD raid card and still have one slot open for something in the future....Maybe a video capture/TV tuner card or something.

So i know this particular motherboard is insane and much more expensive than average board and needs an HPTX case, wich there are few options out there and they also are expensive, but what exactly will an X79 do that this one can't is beyond me right now, so why would i be waiting 6 + months for it in the first place?...

Not to mention that this one can handle more memory(up to 48 GB of it), has 6 memory channels between both CPU sockets,and is rocking 12 physical cores at 4 Ghz right now(has been for 4 weeks now) and handles 24 threads(hyperthreading is enabled of course and turbo mode too)..It doesn't things that no other board on the market does right now....Not one.
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