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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
With PCIe 3.0 there is no need for additional NF200 chips. Every single third party chip that is avoidable is a good thing in my book. Same as with the SATA 3 or USB 3.0 chips. I prefer native solutions.

The SR-2 is nothing special in my opinion. Never understood all the hype around it. It's just an overclockable workstation board that doesn't have to be as reliable as workstation boards. That's why it's also cheaper than similar boards or has fancy gaming stuff for the same price. It's targeted at this small benchmarking crowd, reliability is secondary there.
EVGA deserves credit for making such a product though, that's what's special about it.
And it's still triple channel memory, not need to double it.

Fine, list the number of overclockable dual socket motherboards released over the years....I can only remember 4 of them in the past 15 years, but i'm only going by memory so i might be missing one here:

1:Abit BP6 using socket 370 and released in 1997~98.
2:AMD's Quad FX in 2007 using socket F and the FX70/72/74 CPU's.
3:Intel Skulltrail motherboard in 2008 using socket 775 and FB dimms.
4:EVGA's SR-2 classified.

That's pretty much it, so they are rare releases as it's already a pain in the ass to design a dual socket motherboard as it is, and making one that can overclock just as well as a single socket motherboard is an even bigger pain in the ass....There's even a specific profile in the BIOS for this board for those using liquid nitrogen, and built in voltage mesuring points for those using multimeters, that's now hard core this board goes, and i've never seen those particular features on a single socket motherboard, even an enthusiast class one.

I'm also fully aware that in order to have all these slots, it needs extra bridge chips and is a more complex design because of that with more points of failure, but it works and puts up very nice performance numbers and it's been completely stable doing it, so what matters in the end is that the capability is there, and the NF200 is nothing new as it's been in production for years now, so i think all the kinks have been ironed out by now...

As for the memory channels, i mentioned that the board uses Xeons, wich have 2 QPI channels compared to the 1 that desktop versions use, and the main utility for that extra QPI channel is that CPU in one socket that can directly talk to the CPU on the other socket and access it's ram if needed, should the data not be within it's own 3 memory channels...So we can call it 3 memory channels per socket with a twist..

It's called NUMA support Btw( Non uniform memory access).
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