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Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
It probably came off meaner than I meant it to, but that is what I think when I see "I had 9 straight motherboards fail! It must be a bad batch, so I'm warning you all!"

There are bad parts, but even people who know what they're doing can have something shorting or failing. And when you run power out of spec, all bets are off, YMMV.
ya, ive changes alot of hardware in my time and seen alot of expensive parts come in defective but chances are after two or three failures, I would then start to look at myself for the problem.
Had something happen like this when I was working on a DASD(raid array for you youngsters), changed out a control card twice.(keep in mind these things cost at least 20k each after all this is IBM we are talking about here) when the third one crapped out, well, I was forced to remove myself and let a specialist in to look at the problem (should have done it after the second one). turns out that when I put the card into the system, i needed to kill a lead manually that powered the system, which i failed todo. To my own defense, the system was supposed todo that when the proceedure was initiated to change out the card. yes, it was a bug with the system but I should have taken precautions...
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