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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 4xx/5xx thread"

Oh well, I'm new here and I'm in the process of getting a pair of 1GB MSI Cyclone OC GTX 460 cards for SLI. The first card I already have in my possession, and is in my computer, and I'm waiting for the second card to come.

I came from a pair of Visiontek Radeon 4870's that towards last, I was not happy with anymore. Visiontek did something to the bios of each card that prevents them from accepting a Windows7 generic VGA driver. On top of this, I find out that a bug in the drivers caused ME 2 to crash to desktop at random on me, and then I find out on the Bioware forums that everybody that has a 4800 series card will expierence the random crash to desktop problem with Mass Effect 2. a bug that existed in the 3870 days, where the screen for Mass Effect 2 would be all screwed up with psychedelic colors is back in the Catalyst 11 series ATI drivers and it doesn't look like ATI will fix these bugs. Towards last I started expierencing odd mouse problems with my Logitech Wireless M510 mouse in Mass Effect 2 and at the desktop, that was partially fixed by updating to the latest Logitech Mouse software and drivers for my mouse.

Awhile back, I even noticed the 4870's had odd Crossfire troubles with Two Worlds 2 in DX 10 mode, and even noticed odd problems with some other games, including Dragon Age 2.

I was going to wait until fall and get a GTX 590, but decided against as it would have costed more than the pair of GTX 460's I mention. Here's MSI's page for the cards I'm getting, the first of which is in my computer, as I mentioned.

Right now, I'm just tweaking the driver graphic settings, the fan speed, and disabled the power management stuff in the driver control panel, as I had a lot of stuttering when playing Mass Effect 2, until I disabled the power management stuff.

I think everyone can understand my being peeved with all the various bugs I've been coming across with ATI's drivers lately, and jumping ship and coming to Nvidia.
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