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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
That sums it pretty much up. The board is nothing special. It is a good board to break records but all that fancy additional stuff is not needed compared to it's direct competitors. Unless someone is going the budget route like I mentioned, then the SR-2 is a great option. Usually in the dual socket market, other things are much more important. Reliability for example. And based on my experience with EVGA boards, they don't excel at that one

And the improvements over Skull Trail are thanks to the newer Intel platform in general. EVGA had very little to do with this except making the BIOS overclockable and support different Multi-GPU solutions.

I know you like to stand in for the stuff you own on boards like this one and others. Remember when I accused you of being an AMD salesman back when you had AMD cards? All that suddenly stopped since you're using nV cards again. There is no need to do the same thing with this board again
After all, this thread is about upcoming hardware anyway.

There's 8000$ in hardware in the box, how does it qualify as budget?....And what exactly are it's competitors?

As for the design of the SR-2, we have to thank Pete "Shamino" tan, who has hit several world records in pretty much every benchmark released over the last 10 years, who was part of the development team for the SR-2 for his expertise not just in Bios settings, but component choice and layout for the board, the voltage mesuring points on the board using multimeters, the extra power connectors for sub 0 cooling, the PCI-e disable jumpers to be able to test the maximum overclock of each video card seperately....The list keeps going on and on.

He now works at Asus, so there should be something interesting coming out for enthusiasts soon enough....
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