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Default replaced my Santa Cruz with an Audigy...

*dodges assorted flying soundcards from Saturnotaku*

The Santa Cruz was great but the jacks started going bad. With my move to an SiS-based system, I wanted to give Creative one more chance. Aside from some minor crackling with the shipped drivers (which I fixed by replacing them with the Compaq WHQL drivers and replacing my "old and tired" Altec Lansings with some Creative Inspire 4.1s), the Audigy has been behaving immaculately.

Creative + VIA Chipset = horror
Creative + SiS Chipset = bliss.

Creative still sucks, however. My lack or problems probably stems from a combination of the SiS chipset (which has the best PCI implementation and arbitration in the whole business, according to TecChannel) and the fact that the Audigy is the only PCI card I have in my system.
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