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Default Re: Whats up with PSN?

Originally Posted by lIqUID View Post
That makes me feel 100% better about criminals knowing my personal/cc info! oh wait it doesnt...
There is still zero proof that they got to the CC information.

So far the only "evidence" is the people claiming that they have the information, but those people also claim to have the security codes as well. Sony never stored that information so it would be impossible for these people to have it, which makes their claim a fake. IMO it's just a bunch of FUD designed to try and scare customers into being angry at Sony.

Now, if you used the same username and password for your PSN account as all your other accounts, which is stupid, then you might be in trouble. Otherwise, even though it sucks, someone having your name and address isn't going to hurt you.

I'll still had my bank issue a new card, because that's just smart regardless, but I'm not really worried about anything bad happening to me from this incident at all.

Now that Homeland Security is investigating this, as well as the FBI and Sony, I'm even more hopeful that these thieves get brought to justice.
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